Refreshing CBD-Infused Cocktail Recipes

Would you believe it if we tell you that CBD, or cannabidiol, isn’t only making headlines again in wellness products but is now even popping up on cafe menus? You’ve heard it right – these days, you can find refreshments infused with CBD North in pubs, hotels, and restaurants where cannabis is legal.
So, if you’re looking for a new way to elevate the experience you get from every sip of your drink, whether you’re out with your friends or just chilling at home, you’d surely love …


Blue Russian Drink

Blues Russian is a lesser-known drink compared to the White and Black Russians. Its liqueur is Blue Curacao. This liqueur gives it an orange flavor and cream, making it look like a Dreamsicle.
This drink makes an excellent conversation-starter because it is not widely known. The drink is basically a mild orange cream flavor making it easy to pair with foods. You can pair with burgers, fries, teriyaki dish, or Rosemary glazed salmon.
It is made by blending Blue Curacao with vodka and light cream. Blue Curacao is poured over crushed ice cubes in a martini glass. Then vodka is added, and the mixture is topped with cream….


Negroni Classic Cocktail

Unlike other bitter drinks, the negroni is bittersweet. Some people love it because it is not bitter, while others find it undrinkable because of this. Nevertheless, you can give it a try because it may be an acquired taste.
The primary flavor in this cocktail is Campari. Other flavors are sweet vermouth and gin. It is a lovely cocktail you can have before dinner. This is recommended because the drink is strongly flavored and therefore, it needs food to stand it up.
The drink is made by blending only three ingredients: Sweet Italian Vermouth, gin, and Campari in an old-fashioned glass….

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Tomato Lassi Drink

This cocktail is a traditional Indian drink that is yogurt-based, spiced, or sweetened with spices, herbs, or sugar. This delicious drink is good when taken as a light meal or a snack. Although it resembles a virgin blood mary, its flavor is simpler.
You can have this cocktail with any meal that can be paired with tomato juice. It is better when paired with brunch items such as scrambles, omelets, and quiches.
It is actually easier and quicker to make than a smoothie, and therefore it can be a breakfast drink substitute. It is made by blending tomato juice, salt, celery salt, water, and plain yogurt….


Captain and Ginger Cocktail

This recipe features Captain Morgan spice rum, which is combined with ginger beer or ginger ale. You can also see it as spiced rum that resembles a Moscow mule cocktail when you add plenty of lime juice.
The flavor of this cocktail partially depends on the ginger chosen. However, the main determinant of the flavor is the caramel notes from the rum and gingery spices.
This recipe has only two ingredients: Captain Morgan spiced rum and ginger beer or ginger ale. It is prepared by filling a rocks glass with ice and then pouring Captain Morgan. Then ginger is added before squeezing a lime wedge down in the glass. Then the mixture…


Key Lime Martini

It is a candy martini with the taste of key lime pie. Its strange flavor equal parts tart, and therefore it makes one keep coming back for more.
It is a seriously delicious cocktail due to the flavors added. Vanilla vodka is added to balance things out because it is not that intense.
This recipe blends vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, graham cracker crumbs, coco lopez, and cream. It is easily made by rimming a cocktail glass with graham cracker crumbs before filling the martini shaker with the other ingredients. Then it is poured into a chilled martini glass, shaken thoroughly, and garnished with lime….