Non-alcoholic cocktails

Virgin Mary Non-alcoholic Cocktail

Many people refer to Bloody Mary as “tomato juice and vodka.” However, the Virgin Mary non-alcoholic cocktail retains the same flavor even without the vodka. You make the Marys with either a touch of freshly ground black pepper or beef stock.

If you decide to leave out the beef stock, you can replace tomato juice with V8 juice. V8 juice has hints of celery and carrots. Therefore, it is richer and less acidic as compared to plain tomato juice.

The ingredients are tomato juice, lemon juice, Tobasco, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, and bullion or beef stock. You can include freshly ground black pepper though it is optional. The drink is made by mixing all the ingredients in a glass and stirring them thoroughly and served with a celery stalk.

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