Tomato Lassi Drink

This cocktail is a traditional Indian drink that is yogurt-based, spiced, or sweetened with spices, herbs, or sugar. This delicious drink is good when taken as a light meal or a snack. Although it resembles a virgin blood mary, its flavor is simpler.
You can have this cocktail with any meal that can be paired with tomato juice. It is better when paired with brunch items such as scrambles, omelets, and quiches.
It is actually easier and quicker to make than a smoothie, and therefore it can be a breakfast drink substitute. It is made by blending tomato juice, salt, celery salt, water, and plain yogurt….

Virgin Mary Non-alcoholic Cocktail

Many people refer to Bloody Mary as “tomato juice and vodka.” However, the Virgin Mary non-alcoholic cocktail retains the same flavor even without the vodka. You make the Marys with either a touch of freshly ground black pepper or beef stock.
If you decide to leave out the beef stock, you can replace tomato juice with V8 juice. V8 juice has hints of celery and carrots. Therefore, it is richer and less acidic as compared to plain tomato juice.
The ingredients are tomato juice, lemon juice, Tobasco, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, and bullion or beef stock. You can include freshly ground black pepper though it is …

Mojito Mocktail

It is a non-alcoholic (mocktail) version of the Mojito with an original Mojito taste. Only the alcohol is lost in this drink, but all the lime flavor and refreshing mint remain.
This recipe offers a substitute for rum with rum extract and more club soda. The rum extracts make it very sweet. It will satisfy you just like other beverages like soda or sweet tea.
The ingredients are mint leaves, rum extract, lime juice, club soda, and confectioner’s sugar. It is prepared by putting lime juice, brown sugar, and mint leaves in a cocktail glass before muddling the leaves. Then rum extract is added, stirred, and garnished with a …

Gabbie’s Punch

This non-alcoholic version of Gabbie’s punch is a simple drink you can whip up when you want to treat non-alcoholic guests with something delicious. The flavors are spice and citrus.
The drink is made from a golden tropical punch, which is made up of passion, orange, and pineapple juice. Punches are mainly served in parties, and this one too can be served to your non-alcoholic guests at parties.
Most people love it because it is a combination of ginger ale, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors. You can easily with numerous types of food. For instance, it can be paired with tropical fruit salsa as a substitute for salmon….