Muddling is not easy, especially when dealing with herbs such as a mint leaf. Such leaves are pressed so that they can release a nasty and bitter flavor into the cocktail. Therefore bartenders find it challenging when learning how to use a cocktail muddler.

How to choose a muddler

Muddlers are made of stainless steel, wood, or stone. It is recommended that you choose the one made of stainless steel and has a grooved nylon head. It will make your work of breaking and tearing herbs and leaves easier.

How to use a muddler

Using your whole hand, grip the muddler from the top and ensure that the end is against your palm. This will ensure no tearing occurs when crushing the berries or leaves.

When crushing the leaves, press the muddle gently against them and twist the head 3-4 times. Then move on and repeat the process on another section of the leaves. The smell of the berries or herbs you are crushing will gradually waft up to you.

With this smell, you will know the amount of flavor you are releasing, and you can stop once you have released enough. Press down a little more before you twist the muddler if you feel that you are not releasing enough.