When serving cocktails to your guest, there is a way you tweak the drink so that it fits the needs of each guest. Learning these mixology tips will help you impress your guests.

Mixology tips

Ask the guests questions so that you know how they like the cocktail you are about to serve them. You have to ask a specific question because not everyone cares much about how they like their drinks.

Specific questions to ask your guests

Ask them if they like their cocktails drier or sweeter. This is a simple question that will help you customize their cocktails by tweaking the ratios of the ingredients a bit.

Also, remember to ask them if they are okay with a pretty weak or strong cocktail. Some cocktails have just one or two low proof liqueur, while others have up to five hard liqueurs. Therefore, tweak the ratios of liqueurs according to the wishes of your guests.

Add secret ingredients

You can add secret ingredients to change the flavor and then ask if they like the flavor. If they do not like it, add St Germain Elderflower Liqueur to tame the flavor. In case it is too mellow, add a dash of biters to fix it.